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Chronic hepatitis C infection may be accompanied by a variety of extrahepatic manifestations. Review the possibilities with one of our liver experts, Sanjiv Chopra, MD.

PEGylated interferons slide PEGylated interferons will probably become the preferred interferons for therapy of HCV. Read why in Nezam H. Afdhal's review of the treatments for hepatitis C.

Tests to Predict Severity in Acute Pancreatitis
What test do you use to predict acute pancreatitis? Norton Greenberger, MD, reviews a study of urinary TAP in The Lancet.

Pancreatic pseudocysts therapy
Treating pancreatic
Featured Video
Using endoscopic therapy to treat pancreatic pseudocysts is the subject of the streaming video narrated by Douglas Howell, MD, a member of our Advisory Board. In this 4 1/2-minute presentation, the patient is a pregnant woman. Dr. Howell describes the procedure and his rationale every step of the way.

Ask The Experts
Is virtual colonoscopy ready for widespread use?
Read Jonathan B. Kruskal's answer. After you read the answer, feel free to submit your own question for expert consideration.

Fellow's Corner

Dr. Connor
GastroenterologyWeb is delighted to have Michael J. Connor, MD, on our Advisory Board. Dr. Connor has held a Fellowship in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Division of the University of Kansas Medical Center since July, 2000. He discusses gastroenterology from a fellow's perspective, and would be very pleased to hear from you! Read his viewpoint, GI Training in the 21st Century.

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